Ghost Story Time


I was in 2nd grade. My older brother and I shared a room and the same bed. One night I couldn’t sleep for shit, I look over at him and he’s knocked the fuck out in dreamland. Our house at that time is located on a bend, so when a car goes down our street, the lights would shine in our room and project on our wall.


Yellow box: Our window (there used to be short bushes in front of our window)

A few cars go down our street. As I was watching the lights projecting on our wall I was staring at the shadows it created. I could see the shadows of the bushes and the blinds. The last car follows through, it was a little slower than the first. I was waiting to see the same image from the light but instead I was shocked. As the car slowly cruised around the bend, the shadow I saw on the wall was two arms and hands pulling a chain. The same motion a person would make to open a gate to a drawbridge in a castle.


(The only good photo I could find to explain the motion lol)

I fucking froze. I felt electricity flowing through my whole body, I wanted to move but couldn’t. Though I was frozen in shock, I was able to move my eyes. Still staring at the wall I look over by our door which was always left open, and I see a dark outline. I finally turn my head and there stood a tall dark mass against the wall at the edge of our door, as if it was staring at me. It was so tall it looked like its “head” was touching the ceiling and had to hunch over to peer into our room. I started screaming and woke up everyone in my house. I was hiding under the blanket and I remember my brother punching me for abruptly waking him.


Black box – Our room
Brown box – Our bed
Grey line – Me
Green line – My brother
White box – Window
Red line – Door
Yellow line – Light projection
Purple line – Shadows on wall
Blue line: Tall dark figure

Months go by and some pipes burst under our house, flooding it. We had to rip out all the carpet and dry everything we had that was on the floor by using the fire place in our living room. My mother slept in the living room by herself on the couch. She wakes up in the middle of the night because she felt a presence. She looks at the fire place and there she sees a tall figure standing next to it. She closes her eyes and starts praying. When she opens her eyes again, it’s gone. Prior to all of these events my mother always told us that she felt some kind of presence in the house. Days go by, our landlord was taking too long to replace the pipes and carpet so we decided to move. On the day we were moving our landlord decides to stop by to say farewell. My mother and the landlord were conversing for a while and when she finally left my mother pulled all of us aside and says “The landlord told me the person who used to live in this house before us was a tall elderly man. He died in this house.”

I remember that night vividly. I can still picture the hands and the links in the chain in my head. The way the tall figure had to bend his neck to the side and hunched over to look into our room still gives me chills just talking about it. I can only imagine the tall figure I saw was the old man who died in the house (I hope). But what puzzles me is what were the arms and chains I saw? What did it represent? Was that even him?

I am concerned

about the world.


“We live in an era where our cities are armed with steel and concrete. Computers and electronics barricade our minds. It doesn’t change the fact that there exists a lot of strange phenomena, bizarre beyond reason or logic. Most folks just don’t see them. That’s because we cling to order to any tiny happiness that comes our way and we bust our humps to blind ourselves with our desires and our pleasures.

We all have our own problems we’re facing that we need to focus on…

With the race for the white house going on and all the other bullshit going on in the world such as War, (which is a global economic phenomenon) it’s hard to focus on our task and our individual role of “being what is necessary.”

It’s to the point where it will make you concerned and border line scared. This is our future on the line here. Although, we as human beings can adapt and progress, it’s the obstacles that are put in front of us that are the stress makers in life. How much bullshit can we endure before we really get angry and say “fuck this shit!” It’s really pushing me to the edge. Every form of life is precious, therefore it has value. That value should not be determined by someone who has “higher power/authority” over you. Who the fuck are they to judge? We need to rise up and let them hear our voices. That is the impact the world needs to hear and see. Stop blinding yourself and do something that benefits everyone. Be selfless. Now ask yourself, “Am I doing my daily tasks for bragging rights/popularity?” If so, that is the biggest form of selfishness. That is the epitome of a “FUCK BOY/GIRL.”

No single person can change the world, it takes the world to change the world.


“I’m a human being goddamn it! My life has VALUE!”

I Can Feel The City…

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This photographer is dope. His name is Lukasz Kazimierz.

[Tumblr | Website] (those pics are from his tumblr page)

It’s been awhile since a photo really grabbed me and made me feel as if I was actually there to view the cityscape. Just like in the photographs.

After looking into his work and watching his mini documentary video, he described how I feel about street photography. But photography aside, it’s also how I feel about the streets itself.

“I’m a passive observer, I’m not trying to force a story or force a narrative, this is what it is.”

My eyes are the lenses that I use to capture moments in time.

In the track Respiration, Mos Def says, “I can feel the city breathing…”

The streets speak for itself. When I used to roam the streets, I met all walks of life. I kicked it with the best and I kicked it with the worst. I met the good, the bad, the lonely, the dangerous, you name it. At times I felt my life might be on the line. The streets are mundane but if you dissect it, there is beauty within it. The night has a myriad of different faces. Some are alive, some are not… But that depends on what your definition of being “alive” is. When you are alone in the early AM hours, you notice the city is alive. Car culture aside, that is what PVT Runner’s are about. This is our foundation.

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  • – P. Runner

Trip Up North

It’s been awhile since Rude Gal and I visited my hometown. So we said “fuck it” and took a trip back up north.


“I like the night. The street. The smells. The sense.. Of another world. Sometimes you come face to face with yourself…”


My hometown on the horizon.



Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

My brother Hex moved to a bigger shop last year. I paid him a visit to see what he’s been up to…

He’s been busy.



Below is his newest toy. Also seen here.


It’s “under the knife” right now but it will be making a come back soon.


We also caught up with PVT Runners, J. Reyes and K. Ducusin

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


Before we knew it, we were back on the road.


 The road is like a second home to us. The surrounding is mother nature at her most beautiful. If you travel I5, as much as we do, you should already know that there is road etiquette… If someone is hauling ass behind you, move over! We travel mostly in the night. So if you do the same, be aware of drivers falling asleep. Especially truck drivers. Also, make pit stops to stretch and fuel up.


Driving clears my thoughts. I go over everything in my head when I am driving. Amidst in deep thought, it’s something as simple as a sunset that can be enlightening.


 Before the sunset, we saw a very clean S13 driven by an old man. With all the pit stops we make, it’s hard to see the same car again, but it happened. On the Grapevine, we saw him again!


 One of my favorite spots on I5 going through Santa Ana


When we’re in our cars, we would blast through this section and shit would look something like this:


Even though we were in our daily, we still “do it live!” lol That’s how PVT Runners do it! Peace y’all.

Oh… P.S.
I picked this up

C-Street Prepared

1984 Honda CRX C-Street Prepared

EW1 Si motor  blueprinted and balanced by King Motorsports. Mugen header, Mugen Limited Slip, all Mugen suspension bushings and engine mounts. TWM individual throttle bodies, Electromotive Tech 2 engine management, YAWSPORT adjustable pan hard rod, YAWSPORT adjustable rear sway bar, custom camber/caster plates and 27.5mm front torsion bars, 13×9″ Panasport wheels.



At Qualcomm back in 2001

..Νèχτ ϒé∂ℜ

Sunset Mission


 “Alone in the comforting darkness the creature waits. As confusion reigns on this hellish stage, the deafening grind of machinery, the odious clot of chemical waste. Still, the trail of his ultimate prey leads through this steely maze to these, the addled offspring of the modern world.”

Talk about one of the soundtracks to my life. Perfect Film Noir feel. It has a dark, lurking, prowling, sneaky, narcoleptic feel throughout the whole album. My kind of music.

Back in my home town, on nights where I couldn’t sleep for shit, I would hop in my car and roam around the streets in the dead of night. No one was on the road, the night belonged to me. I found my peace doing so. The track by Vangelis “Blade Runner Blues” would be playing while I drive. The song added so much affect to the world around me, it was as if the night was playing the music. I get the same feeling when I listen to “On Devil Wings.” Many times I would end up in downtown. The vast emptiness made my emotions rise to just keep driving, keep roaming the streets, as if I was trying to find where the roads began and where they end. I cut down alley ways staring up at the few brick buildings left in my city. The music stops. I could hear the city breathing. Almost whispering to me. “Dead End Angels” describes that feeling.

To fully grasp Bohren & der Club of Gore’s music, I advise listening to it at night.

Late at night.