(Not my pictures) this is how I got the springs out. Place the socket and use a mallet to smack the keepers out!

Before smacking it

After smacking it

TADA! (my picture)

Oh and if you haven’t read yet, you need to peep this interview:

“focus more on the background and mechanical side of a car to fully understand its history and lineage. It’s just a different way of appreciating cars.”

“The goal is to keep enjoying Hondas for a long time to come, so that’s what I will be trying to achieve. So I hope Honda enthusiasts out there can enjoy this vision together with me.”

“A good balance between power, handling and light weight. For example a GT-R is exciting because of its power but then in a corner, a small well prepared Civic will easily overtake it. So balance through tuning is our philosophy.”

Rainy Wednesday

What do you think of this?

It’s deep enough to catch my finger nail on it, but I think milling the head a tad bit can fix this problem

I sent my main and rod bearings out to WPC Treatment last week and they came back today! Thank you Izumi-san!

I don’t have a a pic of the bearing before I sent it out but you can indeed see the smoothness.

It was storming like hell today but it calmed down while I was taking the head apart

Got the rocker arms and shaft out of the head

I don’t have a valve spring compressor so I decided to call it a day

Look what all came in the mail

On a side note:
Skunk2 hand etches a “code” on their camshafts to identify what model they are and for authenticity. As seen here:

I have been informed by two Skunk2 representatives as well as tech support, stating:
“As of Feb 2011 we did change some of the markings on the cams to prevent people from selling skunk2 product that was not official. We are transitioning away from the hand etched markings on our camshafts and moving towards a stamp system.”

The new “code” is now a stamp seen here:

Skunk2 adding to the statement:
“The ‘M’ is the correct stamp for B Pro Stage 2 camshafts. Old Pro 2 etchings would include P2, P2+,P2V. From this point on all B pro Stage 2 camshafts will have M stamped in the end of each of the camshafts.”

There you have it. If you plan on purchasing a set of Skunk2 Pro series camshafts, that’s the stamp you will need to look for if your worried about authenticity. They also stated, to purchase their products from AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS.