Hot days are here in San Diego. Engine bays get hot! They’re all designed to have hot air escape from underneath the car. Some people op for heat extractors and/or vented hoods to help more hot air escape. Some folks remove the entire splash guard so that hot air blows away faster when driving. I like to keep my splash shield because it helps keep water, rocks and other road debris out, preventing components from getting damaged. And in my opinion I believe the shields help guide air to the engine bay. Since I don’t want to attract too much attention with a vented hood, I decided to use ingenuity. But first, I wanted to guide cooler air to the combustion chamber.

Now for the “engine bay cooler” I removed the OEM windshield washer reservoir and replaced it with a smaller one.

Definitely will help guide hot air out, and it’s also pointed at the exhaust manifold.

Ahhh yeeea! No need to use them as brake cooling ducts, because I am no racer. Never claimed to be. Just a Runner.

“The coolest, I’m so slamming, I’m so slamming, body’s jamming! Bad 2 the bone, you should have known I’m in my own zone!”

World’s End Rhapsody

Wars, viruses, politics, injustice all in our minds nowadays; it can be hard to focus on good things and to be optimistic. Especially love. Love of all forms. The heart only knows love. Even if the world is ending, all of that doesn’t matter if you have a love one by your side to go through it all. You enjoy every single second with that person. Happy birthday to my wife, my love, the mother of our child and my better half. To many more! πŸ₯‚

Fun fact: we don’t always eat meat, but when we do it’s for special occasions.

Blessing It

How many people do you know blesses their parts?This is what’s written on it. Therefore whenever I start up the car I’m purifying my karma. Thee, who hears it, is also purified and blessed. Om Benza Sato Hung!

Live like you don’t exist. Bless the streets! πŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸ“Ώ

I Want To Believe

Why? Because if I was an alien I wouldn’t wanna come here either. Wouldn’t wanna reconnect to the human race nor make my self known. The shit that’s going on here on planet Earth is all types of fucked up-ness.

Mur’s verse sums it up

What did the ancients see? What came down from the stars? I believe the answer can be found in those ancient areas that man forbid anyone from going to. Much of it is now destroyed due to global and religious conflicts. Or was that all part of the plan?

Knowledge is infinite, apply that to your life. The truth is out there.