I spent Xmas

Reflecting. We came a long way.

I think I love her, I never met her. I can do better if I get it together

“And it was so tremendous, I never had to figure out if you really meant it, was never sliced bread or the wheel reinvented, just a couple kids with some dreams tryna kick it”

“On a thousand year old street, concrete trampled on by a trillion feet”

“And we dance and we sing”

October Project pt2

Things are going well. Test fitted the new roll bars and everything looks good. Just gotta bolt everything up tight, cut portions out of the dash and it’ll be ready to go back in.

I was planning on flocking the dash while its out, but nah. It’s not like I’m going to be driving this when the sun is out anyway. Strictly a night run car from this moment on.

That’s all for now. â˜źïžâœŒïžđŸ˜·