Inside the Temple pt.2

Via r32taka. One of my favorite posts about TRA Kyoto because he focuses on the spiritual side of the location.

The Running Temple acts as a Gau Box. And from living in a small house; a storage unit. Or how I like to word it, a mobile man cave. Lol

My collections of coveralls and work shirts. Some barely worn.

Perhaps waiting for the next PVT Run.

As I mentioned in the post Endless Dream before, it’s ok to have your #lifebuild act as a storage unit. Just make it look tidy. Lol

I swear this is going to be me in the future.
Confined into a tight space; I performed maintenance jobs from oil changes, brakes to timing belts. Such a small space yet I managed to perform all of those jobs. If that’s not JDM I dunno what is. ✌️

Good Sound

It’s way louder in person
Click here for full video

After checking for exhaust leaks I decided to add this skid plate on the lowest point of the exhaust system

It should help with preventing sh*t like this from happening

Which is pretty common on these style of exhaust systems.

Idle doesn’t sound bad

I was worried about the tip sticking out too far but then I remember Yamada’s EG


If you guys recall, I blessed this exhaust system. Now starting my car and driving it will always be a blessing. ✌️📿🙏📿