Rare sighting

H😳LY SHI… It’s actually out! Lol seeing it soak up sun rays is definitely a rare sight indeed. The plan is to take it out more, just not when the sun is out. I bet the viewers who follow my blog are probably tired of seeing my shit parked in the garage hahaha so I promise to take it out more… That promise is me saying that to myself btw. 😂
If any of you follow Joe (@carmakeacross) on Instagram, a lot of his stories he post are of him and some folks working on cars in his garage. And since the beginning of winter, you see that they are all bundled up while working on their shit. Osaka nights in the winter are cold. I been prepping a lot of little things here and there to prepare it to get it back on the street; late night hours in the cold really paid off. When you are dedicated, nothing phases you.


I hope everyone is good

And by that I mean happy. We all have our shit and funk we go through. I hope you all get through that quick and in a meditative way. There’s an end to that bullshit. Stop to smell the flowers, and know when to have fun. Keep something that makes you happy in your mind all the time. For me it’s my family and cars. Peace y’all