Grease Rat

Remember this guy from Mad Max?

Grease Rat

That’s how I feel when I work on Ivan. This has to be the filthiest undercarriage out of all my vehicles. It reminds me of customer cars when I worked at a Honda dealership. Back then, I would sometimes get a work-order for a car from the 80’s-90’s. Their undercarriages would be a total mess. Oil, dirt, grease and fluids everywhere. But yo! Don’t get it twisted, I have no problem getting dirty! Hell, I miss getting dirty. I am Dirty!

Dirt McGirt!

But anyway, peep it. A 94-97 Accord test pipe works on an RA1 if you get a 2inch extension adapter that’s 2.25. They’re cheap too! Keep that in mind if you want something to free up some power and preserve your cat. If you get an adjustable test pipe, that would probably be better.

When I was under the van it dawned on me, I enjoy modifying this car more than my other ones. It’s that brand new feeling. I notice a lot of Honda heads who turned into dad’s end up getting this chassis. I feel that 💯 especially the ones who came from driving a Civic. Keep your Ody happy and not lousy like Grease Rat’s service! Hahahaha! ✌️

Wack lyrics

So shortly after making the Super Egg post, my shocks started leaking. I went ahead and purchased all the parts I need and also did research on a RA1 “forum” on a social media platform. That shit is wack yo. But it shows not a lot of people know anything when it comes to this chassis. Everyone just wants to slam it, and that’s coo cuz it looks good; there’s research on that. But no real info if you don’t wanna ride so low. Everyone throws in China made coil-overs and calls it a day, but nah I’m good off of that. But anyway, here is the before and after pics.

Oem on top and H&R springs on Kyb shocks on the bottom. it rides smooth!

Here is an interesting find I came across:

OEM from factory on the left and OEM replacement on the right. I guess you have to cut it regardless even if you stay stock height.
No biggie, measure the OEM bump stop and cut the new one to size. Always have the taper facing down, or toward the shock body I should say. In this case start by cutting the top of the bump stop. Btw the oem bump stop was stuck in the metal cup shield. I had to lube it up and pry it out. Then beat it down like a prisoner in Sing Sing does to his meat in his cell…
Spring comparison. Bout the same size but of course the H&R gives you that 1.5 inch/40mm drop.

I also went ahead and installed the new steering wheel combo:

Then I threw on the Mcleans and fender stripe!

Ivan drives way better now, so smooth and can still take an impact on bumpy roads. I’m really happy with a shock and spring combo and not following the trend. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing, that’s wack lyrics. Shout out to the ones who test different suspension combos even if it’s from another car. Be lyrical and drive in your own lane. ✌️

Super EGG

Full FLEX! 💪
All the homies I grew up with always seen me in my hatch. They told me they can’t picture me driving anything else. But yo, the RA1 suits me! It’s a bigger version of an EG imo.

As much as this looks good:

I enjoy being at stock height. The fact that I can hit a pot hole and still be ok gives me a peace of mind. But for sure sometime in the future I will prob change out the springs.

I don’t have to be the one to tell you that coming across RA chassis parts stateside is hard to come by, but damn! We need something like this at a local shop near you!
If I had the 4WD model I would definitely do this!

I have some well needed parts coming in for Ivan. Stay tuned!