Due to covid-19 I had to settle for an aftermarket replacement part, rather than going with a performance braided line because everything is back ordered until further notice.

Made in Thailand

This will be the first time using a aftermarket replacement part on my Civic… I would always go performance and/or OEM. Now, all the maintenance parts I bought for the Odyssey were all bought on Rock Auto, and they’re all holding up fine! I have pure confidence! It’s just different, if that makes sense to all the gear heads and tuners out there reading this. And that’s fine.

Garage Star Seat Rails

Since we’re all on a stay at home order, I decided to install a new set of seat rails I got from my buddy Kenjo (Garage Star). Support your local independent businesses during these crazy times. Shit, support them even without these crazy ass times.

The seat is very centred (pictures don’t do justice) and I can actually go even lower due to the fact my seats have another set of bolt holes. I am 5’8 with shoes on, the seat goes forward a little bit more than the PCI adjustable seat mounts (at least for the EG application). For folks who are shorter may have an issue, but that’s nothing a cushion and/or adding another set of nut inserts in your seat can’t fix.

Thank you Kenjo!

JDM Blue-collar

Shout out to all blue-collar workers out there. The end of the year is coming up, make that hard work pay off; raises, bonuses, etc. I have been busy lately. My job is in the manufacturing field. By viewing these pictures, I can sense the hard work these folks put in. I know where y’all coming from. Peace world.


Kei Miura’s job is considered blue-collar as well…

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Washer motor

So the washer motor on the Odyssey wasn’t working when I bought it. Through diagnosis, the motor was shot so I replaced it with one from Rock Auto.

Also the nozzles themselves where clogged up and a needle wouldn’t fix the issue… The dealership isn’t open on Sundays so I figure I’ll go after market… Fuck that! Don’t ever buy the “Doorman HELP!” Nozzles. Straight up garbage! Fitting sucks and they don’t spray as good as OEM. But hey, I have working sprayers for now…!