Location change

After 15+ years at it’s original location:

Zero Fighter is moving to a bigger location:

It’s always nice to see a company move to a bigger place, it shows that they’re doing good at what they do best. Always a good way to start the new year. I hope you guys Enjoy It! Sending you guys good fortune and new humble beginnings ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ“ฟ


Have Fun Y’all

Geeky LURV

For a long time I was feeling really bummed that I havenโ€™t done anything creative, so last season, I decided it was time to change that. At the end of last season, I started to work on a new livery. Iโ€™ve made a ton of different variations, and asked for a ton of criticism from friends, and everything Iโ€™ve planned has finally come to fruition.

After about 22 hours of work over the past few weeks and a few hundred dollars, I repaired and repainted my bumper, and then I applied the new livery!

I had taken a few in progress pics, but I donโ€™t really feel like sorting through them, so Iโ€™m just going to post this pictures of what I finished today. I have a few more stickers that need to be cut and applied, and then it will be 100% but Iโ€™m really happy with how itโ€ฆ

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