Inside the Temple pt.2

Via r32taka. One of my favorite posts about TRA Kyoto because he focuses on the spiritual side of the location.

The Running Temple acts as a Gau Box. And from living in a small house; a storage unit. Or how I like to word it, a mobile man cave. Lol

My collections of coveralls and work shirts. Some barely worn.

Perhaps waiting for the next PVT Run.

As I mentioned in the post Endless Dream before, it’s ok to have your #lifebuild act as a storage unit. Just make it look tidy. Lol

I swear this is going to be me in the future.
Confined into a tight space; I performed maintenance jobs from oil changes, brakes to timing belts. Such a small space yet I managed to perform all of those jobs. If that’s not JDM I dunno what is. ✌️

Silent Hill

No ghost stories this year. Why? Cuz 2020 IS A GHOST STORY

Silent Hill is an alternate reality made from human thoughts, emotion and psyche. It just so happens that it’s all based on the negative aspect of those categories. Being a practitioner of Buddhism, I have made the connection that is shared in many eastern beliefs of suffering and realms of suffering. We, right now are in Samsara. However, there are realms where terrifying creatures live that have vast appetites but mouths the size of needles… sounds like Pyramid Head to me…

Pyramid Head is the reflection of the main character’s guilt and punishment in Silent Hill 2…

That’s why I made the connection that since the creators of Silent Hill are Japanese and their belief system is based off of Buddhism and Shinto, as well as other eastern beliefs, that Silent Hill is a reflections of those views. A realm where there’s endless suffering and scary-absurd disgusting creatures live, sure sounds like the many realms of suffering and limbo. With that being said, if the realm where Silent Hill really does exist, quit contributing to that realm. Live a honest and meaningful life with no regret and guilt. Now from my connections of Buddhism I happen to find these videos very interesting:

I agree.

As scary as the monsters are in that realm, they are reflections of our own mind. Besides all the terror that is found in the human mind; lies sadness and loneliness, which I feel can be just as terrifying as monsters…

Practice your mantras and cleanse yourself! 🙏

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Inside the temple

There’s two reasons why there’s rear “oh shit!” Handles in the back of the Running░Temple

Here they are:

Reason 1
(many PVT Runners know this already).

Kei Miura, Nakai-San, Kazuhiro all have their man caves. Including me, but I also have the ≋R≋u≋n≋n≋i≋n≋g≋ ≋T≋e≋m≋p≋l≋e≋ which also serves as a mobile man cave. 🙏🏾✌🏾

What’s scarier than

Monsters and ghosts? Your own mind and desires. It can be heard here:

The struggle between spiritual/religious beliefs and sexuality is real. Ever fought off your own desires to the point where it drove you insane? It doesn’t have to be sexual desires you fought off, but sexual desire is a strong force. Fighting it will make you scream to the heavens and recite spiritual/religious chants… And giving in is like giving in to Satan himself/herself…

As Keanu Reeves character on Constantine once said “Angels and Demons can’t cross over into our plane. So, instead we get what I call half-breeds. The influence peddlers. They can only whisper in our ears. A single word can give you courage, or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare.”

Without our own personal internal laws, rites, as well as spiritual connections, we are impulsive beings. Impulse purchasing, impulse killing, etc. Without those laws, most of us will turn into devil’s… People will eat people. Meditate on that.


Kowloon Walled City. Located in Hong Kong, it was a city within a city. It cut itself off from the world. It was like a hive that was monitored by the Triads. It was riddled with crooks, brothels, the lost, drug addicts, and people that were poorer than poor. There are only few photos of the place and drawing on how it worked before the government destroyed it. It’s a place that inspired movies, videogames and animes.

One of the many movies that was inspired by Kowloon.
One of the monsters chasing the characters in Kakurenbo. Knowing what kind of people were housed in Kowloon, it makes you wonder if these monsters were based on the twisted crooked evil that lurked in there…
Look of craziness

Despite all the negative things of Kowloon, they had places of healthcare that where ran by unlicensed doctors. They also had fabrication shops, a food market, and schools. Even an indoor temple.


It was a place that gave birth to characters. A place so ran down that you would imagine that it would turn residents into monks, for that it will be one of the ways escaping that place mentally. I guess that’s the beautiful thing about living in the dumps… You can just look up and see the light… Even though light didn’t shine in that place, some individuals ended up making their own light. 🙏✌️