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FT. Bragg, CA

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A few weeks ago I got to visit a place I’ve been meaning to see for a long time; Fort Bragg, CA.
With a population of 7,287 life is slow/easy living.
The best way to describe this city is to listen to DJ Shadow’s Album: Entroducing…

Especially this shot. For viewing pleasure, listen to the track: Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt on that album:

That little shack in the back is Sea Pal Cove. I swear they have the best fish and prawns I’ve ever tasted. It’s always the little hole in the wall joints that have the best food.

I am a fan of Petroliana/Automobillia. The way the morning sun shined through the trees gave it a real surreal and nostalgic feeling…
It’s really cool to see this place still active. If I lived here, I wouldn’t mind working for a place like this…

… And I wouldn’t mind owning a little shop like this lol

With HWY 1 running through Fort Bragg, it really has its breathe taking views.

I will see you again Fort Bragg.


Eco Zones

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해적 만

공격이 있었다, 사이버 해적.

우리는 일어난 것을 막을 수 없었다.

그들은 주요 제어 시스템을 해킹,

전자 기기의 엄청난 금액은 바다에서 잃었습니다. 수 조 달러가 손실되고 있다.

많은 피해가 해양 생물에 이루어졌다.

변환이 일어났다, 우리의 꿈 너머

전자 몇 해양 야생 생활이 융합한

그들은 새로운 모양과 형태를 취했다


나는 내 인생을 끝낼 것을 선택했습니다

안녕 영원히


“Pirate Bay
There were attacks from cyber pirates.
We could not have prevented what happened.
They hacked into the main control system.
We lost a huge amount of electronic equipment,
Trillions of dollars.
There is so much damage was done to marine life.
Beyond our dreams, something has changed.
Electronics and marine wildlife that combines They took a new shape and form.
As a result, I chose to end my life.
Good Bye, Forever…”
– President and CEO of Doldrum corp.


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“I don’t give a fuck what kind of brand you are, I’m concerned what type of man you are, what your principals and standards are. You understand me y’all? Be good to your family y’all. No matter where your families are. Cause everybody needs family y’all.” – Yasiin aka Mos Def

Trip Up North

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It’s been awhile since Rude Gal and I visited my hometown. So we said “fuck it” and took a trip back up north.


“I like the night. The street. The smells. The sense.. Of another world. Sometimes you come face to face with yourself…”


My hometown on the horizon.



Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

My brother Hex moved to a bigger shop last year. I paid him a visit to see what he’s been up to…

He’s been busy.



Below is his newest toy. Also seen here.


It’s “under the knife” right now but it will be making a come back soon.


We also caught up with PVT Runners, J. Reyes and K. Ducusin

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


Before we knew it, we were back on the road.


 The road is like a second home to us. The surrounding is mother nature at her most beautiful. If you travel I5, as much as we do, you should already know that there is road etiquette… If someone is hauling ass behind you, move over! We travel mostly in the night. So if you do the same, be aware of drivers falling asleep. Especially truck drivers. Also, make pit stops to stretch and fuel up.


Driving clears my thoughts. I go over everything in my head when I am driving. Amidst in deep thought, it’s something as simple as a sunset that can be enlightening.


 Before the sunset, we saw a very clean S13 driven by an old man. With all the pit stops we make, it’s hard to see the same car again, but it happened. On the Grapevine, we saw him again!


 One of my favorite spots on I5 going through Santa Ana


When we’re in our cars, we would blast through this section and shit would look something like this:


Even though we were in our daily, we still “do it live!” lol That’s how PVT Runners do it! Peace y’all.

Oh… P.S.
I picked this up

Today’s finding(s)

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Spotted this Lancia Delta HF today while running errands:

Wait, what’s that behind it?..lancia_02I spy a R32lancia_r32 lancia_03

808 Boom

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Private Runners Hawaii


10574525_697921143656882_8308730814987394340_n 10423284_697921126990217_4804278207727797228_n 10625118_673831822732481_2247342101824256119_n 1962683_673831042732559_820774363810120695_n 1507703_697921510323512_3990548938909963362_n 1620728_697921476990182_4606500181066344385_n 10891690_697921543656842_1514186661388252528_n

“Its been (my car) getting uglier since I decided to use it for what it was built for”


(Photos by Aaron “Aaron_Boost” Tabarejo)

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Throwback from Franck Decadi

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Franck Decadi’s DC2

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Videos back in 2010 running on the loop