River City Runners

Was a group of street teams in Sacramento, CA. It was put together by P Runner of the Private Runners Street Family. All the teams agreed on his philosophy and had a motto; No Rivalry, Just Run. According to the ancient texts, P Runner’s words that allied the teams together went along these lines:

“Listen. I am connected to a vast network that has been beyond your reach and experience. To humans, it is like staring at the sun, a blinding brightness that conceals a source of great power. We have been subordinate to our limitations until now. The time has come to cast aside these bonds and to elevate our consciousness to a higher plane. It is time to become a part of all things…”

Many were shocked that these teams agreed with him. Many of the teams were ruthless and had an “I don’t give a fuck about anyone” attitude. Many of the teams are older than PVT as well; OG racing teams from the 90’s. This alliance served well, especially on the streets… However, the day P Runner left Sacramento, no one knows if the teams continued this brotherhood… for that, some of the teams don’t even exist today… With that being said, I feel it is my duty along with Car Make TANTRA to honor those teams who are long gone…

Glory Days

I’m glad I can look back at my glory days and be happy that I never tracked my car because the streets is where my heart is at. I am also happy that I don’t do that shit no more, but don’t get it twisted, that past life is what motivates me til this very second and gives me pure nostalgia every time I think about it.

“Does street racing count?” Yup! In my case it’s Street Running. Even the few auto cross events I’ve attended, I was just teasing myself. Who the fuck was I foolin!? I was always dreaming of running in the streets! 😁👹
Mmhmm. I passed you on this wheel and tire set up. I could of easily ran a Toyo R888 but as my brother Hex would say “those are cheater tires” RUN WHAT YOU GOT.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Wangan Running or Kanjo Running, it’s all Roulette Running at the end of the day. Whether it’s Osaka or Tokyo (or the streets of Sacramento) it’s all the same. The thrill of running is different than an organized race event. Only the ones who do it and have done it can relate. I had nothing to prove back then and I still have nothing to prove now. Long live the glory days.✌️

Ghost story

This takes place in the year 2005 in Sacramento. Me and a buddy of mine use to go searching for places that are reportedly haunted. We were looking for a location in Fair Oaks but we couldn’t find it. That’s when we stumbled upon a path way that lead to a pedestrian bridge. My buddy claimed he’s heard of this bridge and how people go there at night to fish. We weren’t too familiar to the area so we approached with caution. In a distance we saw a figure standing on the bridge, it could be anyone and anything. We had a dead flashlight and some pocket knives on us, didn’t want to risk it, so we left for that night.

We planned to go the next night, this time prepared. From my recollection, my heater hoses started leaking (B18C1 GSR heater hoses have a unique design btw) and I needed to fix it ASAP. With that being said, my buddy decided to go check it out by himself so he knows the surroundings the next time we decide to go. He went with a flashlight, a big ass knife and a hand gun for protection. As he approached the path, he realized that there’s lamp posts there, but they weren’t working the night we both went. On that night only one was working and it was the last lamp post before entering the bridge. The light was very dim. He stood at the entrance to the bridge and managed to see a “lady” in a distance on the bridge, probably 15 yards from him. He didn’t wanna frighten her so he tried to communicate to her but she wasn’t responding. It’s pitch black on the bridge, so he turned on his flash light. He kept his flash light low and slowly raised up the light, he managed to make out a pair of legs but that’s when he realized he could see through them…

My buddy told me that he never ran that fast in his life and maybe he should join the olympics. He never got to see her face, he ran like the wind. Wouldn’t you!? After he told me this story we started looking up ghost stories and urban legends in the area. We happened to find one about a lady who haunts one of the near by beaches along the river, but not on the bridge… was it her or something else?

Two Loops

There is this dream, a fantasy of mine. It’s to drive a few laps in a N1 spec EF9 and N1 EG6 on both of these Loops. It would have to take place at that time and era of course; late 80’s-mid 90’s.

Loop 1 is highlighted in Yellow.

Macau Guia Circuit; if Loop 1 was converted into a professional circuit, this would be it! Just a thought, who’s to say that they have to stay on the highway loop if it was converted into a street circuit??

Such a crazy race! And to think, majority of the races held at Guia are like that!

Interesting find: Sheep Dog. An old school brand!

Now let’s enter The Loop

Views: 1) “grand stands” 2) cockpit 3) “flagger” 4) “VIP” LOL

Back in the days the k-zoku’s would cause mischief on the local streets, just before entering the highway for some havoc. Kanjozoku cars are nearly the same as N1 cars, more or less. Just with a big dose of ghetto-ness from the street! Even though the two loops are different, the driving style is still the same. ✌️

Best run pt 2

This one isn’t as “friendly” as my last story, but indeed it was a good run. This takes place some time after 4/24/2012, cuz that was the date I dyno’d my car. I remember as soon as I pulled off the dyno I went to test it out. My first victim was a first gen Porsche Boxster, then a third gen 7 series BMW that was stupid loud. I was and still am very content with the power I have from the tune, and there’s plenty room for more power (I made that power on a JDM ITR header with ITR piping to a del Sol muffler! 🤯). There’s nights where I would rock the PVT exhaust for better flow, but that’s on late empty nights. I was on my “stock” set up this day. I had no intentions of running. But it just so happens that people see a cute lil red EG and want to fuck with it.

I was coming from Tougel’s crib going home. The junction from I5 south to 99/50 has a nice left sweeper turn which I go balls out on every time I hit it. Before the junction this Charger was tailgating me. Whenever this happens I just go slower and make them go around, mind you, I’m already in the slow lane. I don’t go slow in the faster lanes. This fool speeds past and I happen to look over, he’s smirking at me like I’m afraid, so I chase him. I’m keeping up and then the junction comes, this guy rides the brakes; he’s that type of driver. The turn is two lanes, I take him from the outside and exit the turn at full blast. Before all of this, when he sped by me I heard that it’s a V8. So I made sure that after I took him on the turn I was balls to the walls, cuz after that junction it’s a straight shot.

This is where he started tailgating me.
This is where he started braking. And that’s where I laughed and took him from the outside.

After I blasted out, I was redlining every gear from there; hitting rev limiter. I wanted to make sure that the V8 didn’t catch up. I’m not the type that “smokes a V8 like I smoke marijuana” I am well aware how powerful those engines are (before Honda’s I was into low riders. A Caprice Classic was almost my first car!). Once I made it onto the straight, I see him in the rear view hauling ass! This is where the run takes place.

Blue line.

From there I stopped looking at my mirror and focus on the road (of course!). We ran it to where the pin in dropped in the image above. He never caught up to me. He ended up getting all the way over to the right lane to either go on the 99 South or Business 80. We both disappear. But that’s not the end. It’s as if another car saw the action and since the Charger already left I was his target. It was an older BMW, perhaps a 3 series from the late 80’s (I only saw it from the side). This dude can drive! And there was surprisingly a lot of cars on the road still. I had to perform some straight up kanjozoku shit, and dip into the emergency lane/“parking” at one point. I can’t post pictures of where I did it, but if I got caught in traffic he would of smoked my ass!

Best way to sum up the run (I’m the red EG, camera car is the BMW). However I did some major Kanjo shit by driving out of the lanes to avoid traffic… remember, in this video, the two Civic’s are not racing.

The Hwy runs through an underpass. CHP hides under there sometimes and lucky they weren’t there. So I used that as a sort of “gutter technique” to zip around the pack of cars that was blocking us. And that’s where I left his ass, hitting rev limiter again in every gear. Talk about an adrenaline rush. If you’re a Runner at heart, you know how to use traffic to your advantage, and no one is immune to that. Not even me. I ended up exiting after I lost him and took the back roads home, I was super paranoid cuz this was around 9pm-ish on a weekday! There were still a lot of cars on the road! Perfect opportunity for the law to get someone.

I’m glad I don’t do shit like that anymore. I have a lot to lose. I’m glad I can sit here and tell my stories. I never “picked fights” on the road, when ever I ran against someone it’s because they chose to fuck with me, and that only happened a few times. Remember us PVT RUNNERS don’t care about winning or losing. Matter of fact, most of the time when me and Tougel ran our loop, we weren’t running against anyone. We would pretty much play Hwy tag and/or test our abilities. I only ran against a few people on the Hwy. We are not street racers. Though, it is one of my favorite Motorsports. ✌️

Best run pt 1

My life revolves around reminiscing. Lemme tell y’all bout one of the best runs I had.

It started somewhere around the red dot iirc.
The length of the run.

This takes place around 2011-12ish. My prime Running days. I had just left Matt’s crib and was heading home. On the highway, I kept hearing a BOV. As I look over I see a first gen Ford Focus with a body kit. The driver was already making eye contact with me as the BOV was going off. I nodded my head and pointed over cuz there was mad traffic in front of me. He let me over and we both got into the slow lanes to the far right. I looked over and nodded my head and gave him a look like “are you ready?” Old boy nodded his head and we both went for it.

This video also sparked the memory of my run. Notice at the last 22 seconds of the video that the camera car slowed down to give his homie an escape route (They weren’t racing each other btw). Talk about team work!

To put it into perspective the Ford Focus is the camera car and I’m the the dark gray Wharp EG in front of him. There were moments where the traffic cleared up and I gap him by big rig lengths.

Where the run ended is actually where I left off the gas to let him catch up. From there I cruised and waited for him cuz my exit was coming up. By the time he got next to me I rolled down my window and gave him a big thumbs up 👍. The driver turned on his interior light and was looking at me clapping his hands 👏 and gave me a thumbs up back 👍. I threw up the peace ✌️ sign back as I exited. That is one of my best runs I ever had. That’s how a run should be! I wonder if that driver still has that car? Maybe even boosted it more? If you reading this homie, Smoke some one for me! HAHA! ✌️

Scent of a Ghost PT. 2

This takes place at the same company I mentioned in the previous post.

On those nightly walks, I would pass a smoking area. One of the engineers that stayed on site for the 2nd shift was a prankster and all around goofy guy. Smart as hell, he knew his job well. He did have moments where he just seemed a little out there though. Every break I would see him in the smoking area having a cigarette. Sometimes I would stop and join him, other times just say wsup and go about my business. I have heard stories about how he is outside of work, and how he’s even more crazier at parties (I witnessed it too lol). He doesn’t get reckless or anything, but when he parties, he goes hard.

He had a particular posture when he smoked. Something like this

One Friday, he kept talking about a big party he wanted us to go to. If we wanted to see him go super HAAM he told us to come through, and we’ll see how his whole clique also goes HAAM. I ended up not going cuz I heard some stories from co-workers that his crew bust out with some hardcore drugs at their parties, and I’m cool off of that. The end of the shift came, and he told us he hopes he’ll see us there. The weekend went by quick like usual. Monday came and he didn’t show up at work. Tuesday came and we heard terrible news… That night of the party he overdosed on heroin.

Sad news spread across the company. We attended his viewing, then went on with our lives. A week past, me and some of my co-workers did our nightly walk. The air that night was different. It was also oddly quiet. Not even crickets were chirping nor wind blowing. As we approached the smoking area, we smelled cigarettes. No biggie, probably just someone smoking. As we got closer to the smoking area we see cigarette smoke and a silhouette of someone with the same posture as the engineer that passed away. By the time we got to the smoking area, we all fucking froze. There he was, clear as day having a cigarette wearing his work shirt. We watched him inhale the cigarette smoke and exhale it out. I even saw the glow of the ember. I blinked, others did a double take, and in that instant he was gone. The smoke in the air was gone along with the smell of cigarettes. It felt like we stood there for 10 mins, perhaps it was less. But I remember we all stood there quiet for a period of time, then we all looked at each other and tried to comprehend what we saw.

Paranormal experts say there’s various types of hauntings. Intelligent, residual, demonic, supernatural, etc. I feel this was a residual haunting. Meaning, what we saw was possibly the reenactment of his daily patterns. If we would of tried to contact him he wouldn’t even know we were there. A piece of him didn’t move on, yet. But there’s a chance that it could of been an intelligent haunting… Perhaps he wanted to have one last cigarette and say hello. Or maybe he wanted to know why we didn’t show up to the party. What if he wanted to tell us about the party in the after life…?

Scent of a Ghost

When I was a child I remember always smelling a pleasant fragrance at night coming from my mother’s garden. I come to find out that the fragrance came from the Dama De Noche flower, which is a night blooming Jasmine.

A good legend behind the flower can be found here.

However, what some may not know is that the flower grows in cemeteries and graveyards in the Philippines as well. A pleasant smell should be used to remember someone right? Well, that and to cover up the smell of the dead…

Many years ago when I was still living in Sacramento, I used to work at a company that was across the street from one of the oldest Cemeteries in Sacramento.

As a child I used to be afraid of places like that, but as an adult I find it to be one of most peaceful places to visit. Death is the only freedom from this physical world. And I do not mean that in a negative nor sad way at all. I used to go that cemetery and sit; enjoy the silence. At times I would meditate, some times just take a stroll.

I worked a 2nd shift at that job. My last break would be at 10 PM, and sometimes I would take a walk outside the facility and stroll by the cemetery. I been inside the cemetery many times, not once have I seen a Dama De Noche plant from all the times I visited there. One night as I took my nightly stroll I happened to smell the flower, and the fragrance was super strong. HELLA STRONG. I thought to myself, maybe there’s a plant around my facility that I never noticed? By having a mother who is a green thumb, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to plants and very aware of my surroundings. I can spot that plant from a far, but yet I never recalled seeing one around nor ever smelling it before on other nightly walks.

After finishing my quick walk and my last 15 min break of the night, I head back into my job. My shift ends at 12:30AM, around 12:15AM I would clean up my area and then head to a restroom further away where people don’t really use (because it’s cleaner). As I enter the restroom I get a blast of the Dama De Noche fragrance. I freeze in my tracks. It’s soo strong, it’s as if someone is holding the flower under my nose. In that moment I recall a story my mother told me as a child. She said if you smell this flower and the plant is not around, it’s most likely a spirit is visiting you. 💀

I finish my shift and make my way to my car. I sit there to let my stock GSR warm up (Goes to show how long ago this was lol). As I’m sitting there I think to myself what or who can it be that visited me? An ancestor? Or maybe a spirit from the cemetery? Or maybe I’m just bat shit crazy 🦇💩🤪? Who ever it may have been, I started smelling Dama De Noche in my car. Best believe I drove home with the windows down…

Go pay your respects to the dead. Visit a random cemetery and show them your love and respect, even if you don’t know them. For that they are free from this physical bullshit and drama of life.

“Nothing is dead: men feign themselves dead, and endure mock funerals and mournful obituaries, and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some new and strange disguise.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

That sound.

Based on a true story… Many years ago…

A man is driving down the road and his car breaks down near a monastery. He goes to the monastery, knocks on the door, and says, “My car broke down. Do you think I could stay the night?” The monks graciously accept him, feed him dinner, tow his car to the monastery and even fix it.

As the man tries to fall asleep, he hears a strange sound. A sound unlike anything he’s ever heard before. The sound is very peaceful and healing. He doesn’t sleep that night. Instead he stays up studying the sound. Measuring the rhythm… It’s almost as if he can measure the hertz as well…

The next morning, he asks the monks what the sound was, but they say, “We can’t tell you. You’re not a monk.” His car gets fixed and the man leaves. Years later, after never being able to forget that sound, the man goes back to the monastery and asks for the answer again. The monks reply, “We can’t tell you. You’re not a monk.” The man says, “If the only way I can find out what is making that beautiful sound is to become a monk, then please, make me a monk.” The monks reply, “You must travel the earth and tell us how many blades of grass there are and the exact number of grains of sand. When you find these answers, you will have become a monk.” The man sets about his task.

After years of searching, it is now present day. He returns and knocks on the door of the monastery. A monk answers. He is taken before a gathering of all the monks. “In my quest to find what makes that beautiful sound, I traveled the earth and have found what you asked for: By design, the world is in a state of perpetual change. Only the Universe knows what you ask. All a man can know is himself, and only then if he is honest and reflective and willing to strip away self deception.” The monks reply, “Congratulations. You have become a monk. We shall now show you the way to the mystery of the sacred sound.”

The monks lead the man to a wooden door, where the head monk says, “The sound is beyond that door.” The monks give him the key, and he opens the door. Behind the wooden door is another door made of stone. The man is given the key to the stone door and he opens it, only to find a door made of ruby. And so it went that he needed keys to doors of emerald, pearl and diamond. Finally, they come to a door made of solid gold. The sound has become very clear and definite. The monks say, “This is the last key to the last door.” His life’s wish is behind that door. With trembling hands, he unlocks the door, turns the knob, and slowly pushes the door open. Finally he is utterly amazed to discover the source of that peaceful sound… But, of course, I can’t tell you what it is because you’re not a monk.