“I have habits because of

the Kanjo, even now on the circuit I slalom through the cars.
The kanjo cannot get out of me.”
– Kazuhiro

kazukanjyo07kazukanjyo06 kazukanjyo05 kazukanjyo04 kazukanjyo


“There is the origin of the Kanjo to me.
株カークラフトブーン 古川一弘” – Kazuhiro


Kazuhiro supports the Private Runners Street Family.
The feeling is mutual. Thank you Kazuhiro!


Bayline Historic Japanese Car Gathering

Me and Tougel headed to San Leandro, CA to check out the Historic Japanese car gathering.

I wanted to test out my “go pro” so I recorded some videos,  we also “attempted” to blast into a tunnel.. not what we expected (traffic, uneven road, etc.) but it was cool.

We arrived at the gathering  a hour early

I got to snapping photos of the car I wanted to see the most, Kenmeri

More folks started showing up

I like AE86’s the same way I like my Civic’s;  simple, clean and lowered.

Mark Arcenal showed up sporting the new wheels and lower stance:

I love Cressida’s:

When attending car shows/gatherings, its often that you will find some of the dopest cars in the parking lot.

This BMW is one of my favorites:

Civic Si E-AT

This 240 is my second favorite:

Kudo’s! LOL

Another video on the way back home. @ 1:40 that bump was harsh, I880 sucks!