Heated thoughts

How I feel about this heat wave
How I move toward my Running Temples.

Remember, in the wasteland the heat is always on… no brakes. Gas gas gas. Heat heat heat. Can’t take it? Then bow down and surrender to Lord Humongous!

“Smegma crazies to the left! Gayboy berserkers, to the gate!”
Do you know?

Hey Wastelander

Have you learned how to live off of the land? You stocking up on water? As for cuisine; maggot gruel or dog food? Ha Ha!

Guzzoline? You know the lowest octane that the Буханка can run on is 72 octane? Can your Running Temple do that when higher octane is long gone? Better learn how to adapt. Better have knowledge and skills to help you survive because that’s the first step to survival.

Because that is the real refuge.

Wastelander: Raggedy Man

Hey Wastelander. Are you still on the search for the Plains Of Silence? Are you enjoying your journey? Ask your vehicle if it’s enjoying it… In the Universe Of Mad Max they’re always scavenging for fuel, but what happens when a maintenance part wears out in the wasteland? Something as simple as a brake pad, or a clutch disc can put your vehicle outta commission and you’ll have no choice but to abandon it…

Hey raggedy man, what is worth more? Knowledge or guzzoline? Wisdom or vehicle parts? Heh heh heh…