Matrix Resurrections is a message.

2019 =

2020 = 2👁2👁

2021 = ✂️….. 1️⃣…..👁.

2022 =

Don’t expect an epic
ending. Expect an epic change. Every action has
divine meaning.
Whether you see it or
not. Whether you
know it or not.
Stop believing
coincidences. If you don’t apply
meaning to every
action and thought,
what is the point to
your existence? You
are the fabric and
structure of
existence itself. You
are the universe.
Along with everyone
around you. Yes even
the people you don’t like.
So all of you, act like
it. Be the truth. Be the
hope. Be the faith. Be
the knowledge.

And remember, The Matrix wasn’t a movie, it’s a documentary.



Happy Holidays! Remember this post?

The article mentioned BOB Racing. Them cats are OG’s. Ran on the kanjo before Civic’s.

Good-bye Police!

The lives that used to live in those days are pure nostalgia. Some people live in that state of nostalgia for the rest of their lives. Kei Miura for example, “in his yellow afro and ripped jeans, reminiscing about the ‘yancha’ bosozoku past that he’s never fully outgrown.” Along with many Kanjozoku & Bosozoku. That type of nostalgia enhances their wellbeing. If you have that type of nostalgia, never lose that. Never let nostalgia become a form of depression. Always be inspired, not tired.

Look back at your life 10-20 years ago. Were you who you are today? Or are you different now? What ever it may be, it couldn’t have happened any other way. As a kid I had a dream and that shit came true. I’m living it right now. ✌️📿🙏📿

Swag rack

Missing the Boon

I really miss Osaka JDM running their business out of Car Craft Boon…










脈々と受け継がれるHONDA DNA・・・


The fact that the police look at the kanjozoku as “reckless” makes them approach with caution. Regular police usually don’t do shit besides tell the kanjozoku to fuck off. However, an unmarked Mark X (single beacon) police car can easily catch up to the kanjozoku when they’re hitting VTEC in fifth gear going 200kmh+. But what the police lack is the kanjozoku’s advantage. What the kanjozoku have over the police is fearlessness and all out skills. If it turns into hot pursuit, the k’zoku’s will do what ever it takes to get away. This is their middle finger to the law and to the law abiding world.