Jet lag is taking its beating on me. I’ve been going to bed at 5AM lately. It sucks! but anyway here are some of the photos of my trip to Japan. I will post up more once I get more rest.

These pictures were taken in the Yamagata prefecture.


Saturday I went to SF to watch a independent film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” heres a link:

overall it was a dope film, made me wanna approach a different style of art (not just by writing). walked around the city taking some pictures:

If this picture had fog or rain, it would almost look like a scene from Blade Runner..

Sunday, my homie Joe hits me up. He went abalone diving on Saturday so I went to his place to keep him company while he cleaned and prepared them to eat:

That’s a well clean abalone.

Looks delicious!

Joe’s truck:

my Runner and his sister’s xB